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dental deconding MallorcaWhat is dental decoding?

Dental decoding is a service that we offer to our patients to complement any conventional dental treatment. Our dental clinic is located in Palma de Mallorca.

We translate our patients, biological information that is coded in their teeth, gums and dental problems (cavities, tooth pain, gum inflammation, etc).

We decode with the patient, and together we find the message that the body sent.

The problem is like an alarm or a signal that tells us that something is happening.

For us the problem isn´t something negative to have to fight, but rather something to understand and comprehend.

When we translate teeth, every tooth tells us a story and every dental problem has a meaning or a message from our bodies.

Further with dental decoding we help you to discover and know yourself more.


What are the benefits of the dental decoding?

- It helps us to find a sense of the problem.
- It can improve convention dental treatment results, avoiding in some cases “failures” and “recurrences”.

It is important to be aware that decoding by itself sometimes is not a cure. After it is necessary to complement decoding with conventional treatments.